I Thought Life Would Be More Interesting…

As 2020 is coming to a close, I spend my last few days in a cycle of sleep, eat, work, repeat. High school me thought I would be out in college partying it up, making new friends, and doing other exciting things. …

4 Things a Year of Tarot Reading Has Taught Me

Back in October of 2019, I hung out with a friend who had a huge deck of cards with pictures on it. I knew these cards to be tarot cards that i have seen in movies and TV shows, yet…

Why I Come to Question Monday’s // 12/21/2020

The usual get out of bed was amongst me this morning — sandwiched between my blanket and bed. I stayed a little while longer since I had a crazy dream.

I can only remember there being witches at this point, but in…

Identity Crisis at 20

I dropped out of college

Decided it was useless knowledge

I thought life would be like the movies

Fighting bad guys, touching boobies

I’m slowly wasting…

Greetings and salutations!

Today was a regular day just like yesterday.

I spent a little more time in bed craving for more sleep, but alas, I just laid in bed scrolling through my phone.

There was a TikTok that mentioned how the app really wants to keep you on it…


As I am typing this, I found out about this app/site/organization via TikTok. I tend to write often and journal so why not put it onto the World Wide Web. These are going to be my daily-almost daily at least-entries of my day and how it went about.



Daily Journal Entries + Poetry — bigstratus.com — Artist, Crafter, Writer

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